Anal Sex

You must be informed about your body. Being in the dark is detrimental to your sexual health and self-awareness.

We’re here to put everything out for you regarding anal sex with that sentiment in mind.

We must discuss all forms of sex because not everyone engages in or desires “penis in the vagina” sex. Knowing the facts is useful if you engage in “penis in the vagina” sex and are curious about something else or are discovering that this style of sex is not right for you and would like to consider other possibilities. It doesn’t hurt to know, even if you learn more and decide anal sex is not something you’d like to do.

It’s fine if you don’t feel comfortable reading about anal sex. We have many other articles about a range of topics and wellbeing. If you’d rather, you can simply click away! No pressure.

Although there is a tonne of information on anal online (and we don’t recommend you Google it), most of it is either porn or suggestions for folks with previous sexual experience who want to try something new. How about the adolescents? What about the younger LGBTQ+ individuals who require knowledge of this for their sexual wellbeing?

I’ll cover for you. Regardless of who you are, who you are having sex with, or who you want to have sex with, here is the lowdown on everything you need to know about butt stuff.

An introduction to algebra for teenagers, beginners, and all curious people.

The anus is packed with nerve endings that, when stimulated, can feel fantastic to certain people.

Why do individuals have anal sex, and what is it?

Despite being frequently stigmatized, anal intercourse is a normal method of having sex. Since the beginning of time, people have engaged in anal sex, which dates back to the ancient Greeks. Therefore, if you’re hesitant to try it or have problems seeing the appeal, simply know that it isn’t strange or repulsive.

There are numerous nerve endings in the anus that, when stimulated, can feel fantastic to some people. Since most nerves are located at the opening of the butthole, you don’t need to place anything very high up there for it to feel good (if you don’t want to).

However, not everyone finds anal enjoyable (as with all sex acts), and that’s completely fine. You should follow your instincts and do what makes you happy and comfortable. There are many ways to experience sexuality, and none are right or wrong.

How safe is anal sex?

If the proper safety measures are taken, anal intercourse, like any other sort of sex, can be completely risk-free. As the lining of the anus is more vulnerable to damage, having anal sex may make you more susceptible to STIs or HIV infection, according to the CDC. Although the person administering it can also be impacted, the risk is greater for the person receiving anal sex. Planned Parenthood advises using condoms in addition to lubrication to reduce the risk of pregnancy because the anus, unlike the vagina, does not naturally produce lubricant. Silicone-based lube can be used with condoms and offer essential slickness.

Consider taking PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, if you frequently have anal sex, particularly with homosexual or bisexual males who are not in a committed relationship. Daily use of the medication PrEP can lower your chance of developing HIV. You can request PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) from your doctor within 72 hours of the potential exposure if you had unprotected anal sex and are worried that you may have been exposed to HIV. This may lower your chance of contracting HIV. Because PrEP and PEP do not protect against other STIs, it is still essential to employ a barrier method of protection.

The bottom conclusion is that there are safeguards you can take to make intercourse safer, but no type of sex is fully risk-free.

Is anal sex painful?

Many people often engage in anal intercourse because it can be extremely satisfying. Anal intercourse, though, can be painful if you’re not relaxed or if you don’t use lube, according to Planned Parenthood. It’s not something you should dive into headfirst, as we’ll explain below. There are ways to decrease the pain, such as using lots of lubrication and starting with smaller objects, like a finger, before progressing to larger ones, like a penis. During coupled anal sex, you should maintain an open line of communication to let your partner know how fast or slow they should go, whether you need more lubrication, what feels wonderful, and anything else on your mind. Having good communication can make an encounter more enjoyable for you.

If you follow the right procedures, anal intercourse shouldn’t ever be painful, and if it is, you should quit. Sex should be enjoyable, so if it’s painful or uncomfortable, ask your partner to stop, as noted by Planned Parenthood.

What is a prostate, first of all? One of the primary components of semen, prostate fluid, is produced by the prostate, a gland close to the bladder. It can be stimulated with a toy, fingers, or the penis and right in front of the rectum. It weights a slight bulging.

Having the prostate aroused feels fantastic. Receiving anal intercourse while you have a prostate can be quite satisfying, among other things. Even prostate-induced orgasms are possible!

Anal should not be avoided just because you have a vagina. Anal play is popular among vagina owners. To enjoy anal intercourse, you don’t need to have a prostate. Having your anus stimulated can still be beneficial for folks who don’t have a prostate because there are still plenty of nerve endings in the fold.

It is frequently referred to as fullness, which can be a pleasant sensation. The clitoris is where most orgasms, including anal orgasms, originate. For those who own the clitoris, it is the core of all pleasure. It is the only area of the female anatomy that was created with pleasure in mind. Anal intercourse might greatly pleasurably excite the interior clitoris for several vagina proprietors.

The vagina, which is intended to be flexible enough to accommodate an infant’s head, is more so than the anus. Having something in your rectal area feels strange because the anus is so tight. It is frequently referred to as fullness, which can be a pleasant sensation.

How to inquire about the readiness of your partner for anal sex

It is necessary to have a dialogue before either having or receiving anal intercourse. For the event to be enjoyable for both parties, enthusiastic permission is required.

Whoever you are, asking for anal can be a little intimidating. Let your partner know that you wish to try this during a one-on-one conversation. Tell the truth about how you feel about it. Any topic should be available for discussion in a happy partnership. Everyone desires a positive experience, and start immediately if they’re interested.

What to do for anal sex

The truth is right here. You can’t just decide to start having anal and then start doing it right away!

Nope. It’s not a good idea. You must begin gradually. It takes work to prepare the anus muscle to insert heavier things. Start with a finger or a small (and by small, I mean v. small) butt plug and either warm up on your own or get assistance from a partner. To do this, lightly rub the anus with a lubricated finger or toy. Work the object inside as you become more enthused and at ease. To make the region more flexible, gently move it about.

Never use a toy that doesn’t have a flared base up your butt. Considering how expansive the rectum is, you don’t want to lose anything up there. You can’t just “poop it out,” though.